Offshore Fleet - Shipowners Catalog
A2SEA. Fleet: Wind turbine installation vessels (jack-up vessels, jack-up barges), crew boats
ESVAGT. Fleet: UAnchor handling, Tug, Supply, Tanker assist, Oilspill recovery, and Survey Vessels to Emergency Response and Rescue Vessels (ERRV)..
JD-CONTRACTOR A/S. Fleet: Anchor handling Tug Supply (AHTS), Diving Support Vessels (DSV), Self propelled multipurpose barge, Crew transport and survey boat, cable vessel, cable barge.
MAERSK DRILLING. Fleet: Ultra hursh environment Jack-ups, semi-submersibles, drillships, drilling barges.
MAERSK SUPPLY SERVICE. Fleet: Anchor Handlers, Subsea Support Vessels, Platform Supply Vessels
PETER MADSEN REDERI A/S Fleet: Vessels equipped with hydraulic backhoe excavators / Cranes
J.A. Rederiet. Fleet: Floating crane, Diving Support vessel, Multipurpose Salvage vessel, Tugs,
Rohde Nielsen A/S. Fleet: Hopper Dredgers, Deep Sea Dredgers, Bucket Dredgers, Backhoe Dredgers, Tus, Survey vessel.
World Marine Offshore. Fleet: High speed SWATH trimarans. Transporting personnel and cargo to and from offshore installations and supporting services such as survey and inspection, guard and rescue, chase support and diving/Service Operating Vessel (SOV) operations.
SVITZER. Fleet: Marine Support Vessels (MSV), harbour towage, ocean towage, salvage, offshore.
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