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Platform Supply Vessel (PSV)

Platform Supply Vessels (PSV) specially designed to provide transportation and logistics support for the supplies and equipment used on oil and gas production platforms, offshore drilling rigs and other types of offshore vessels and installations.

Modern PSVs now incorporate Dynamic Positioning systems as standard, have substantial available deck areas, and the capability underdeck to transport and discharge offshore,  oil and water-based muds, brine, fuel,  dry bulk cargoes, drill water and potable water.


Platform Supply Vessel (PSV)

PSV Blue Power, image (c) Ulstein


Main PSV activities:

  • Supply of oil, fuel, water, cement and other material (liquid mud, brine, base oil, MEG, etc) to offshore rigs / installations.
  • Transferring personnel.
  • Emergency evacuations, medical assistance, etc.
  • Stand by duties.
  • Routine surveillance for safety and security reasons.
  • Assistance in rescue operations.

PSVs also can be designed to undertake other work such as ROV (Remote Operating Vehicle) support operations and seismic services.

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