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Rock Dumping Vessels

Rock dumping vessels transport and dump rocks of various sizes for offshore and coastal protection applications. The dumping can be done with a large crane, but also through the concepts of side stone dumping vessels and flexible fallpipe vessels.

Side stone dumping vessels

A Side Stone Installation Vessel (SSIV) / Side Stone Dumping Vessel (SSDV) is used for rock protection on offshore structures such as pipelines in shallow areas and for underwater rock berm construction. The rocks on board are pushed over its side. Some SSIV’s are equipped with an inclined fall pipe for rock installation underneath platforms and fixed structures.


Side stone dumping vessel

DP Side Stone Dumping Vessel Pompe–†“–†‡


Flexible fallpipe vessel (FFV)

Flexible fallpipe vessels are used in deep water, bringing the large amounts of rock in their holds. Typically fallpipe vessels are used to install the rock in water depths up to 2000 meters.  The rocks are dumped through a long and flexible fallpipe and a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) makes sure the accurate dumping of the rocks.

Flexible fallpipe vessel Flexible fallpipe vessel




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