Maersk Drilling: new contract with Repsol Norge AS

Maersk Inspirer Jack-Up platformMaersk Drilling has been awarded a new major contract in the North Sea for the combined drilling and production jack-up Marsk Inspirer by Repsol.

With an estimated duration of five years and options for up to an additional five years, the contract covers drilling and production on the Yme New Development in Norway. Following modification work to the production module, the contract is expected to commence operations on the Yme field as early as 4th quarter of 2019.

Maersk Inspirer was built in 2004 and converted in 2007 to offer simultaneous drilling and production services on the Volve field for Statoil. This contract was completed in early 2017 after 10 years of successful operations for Statoil. Today, the jack-up rig is the only asset in the North Sea with these unique dual capabilities offering the customers flexibility and a lower overall cost.

“This contract with Repsol is a very powerful example of early engagement between an oil company and a drilling contractor. Initial discussions started over two years ago and have required close collaboration between the parties involved to enable the project. It proves how we as an industry can deliver viable projects under continuous challenged market conditions by collaborating closely. We appreciate the opportunity to support Repsol’s business by leveraging our experience within combined drilling and production services,” says Lars Ostergaard, Chief Commercial Officer of Maersk Drilling.

Maersk Inspire main particulars

Length overall: 88.8 m
Width overall: 102.5 m
Hull depth: 11.5 m
Length of legs: 204.3 m
Cantilever - max. reach: aft of stern:  30.5 m
- transverse (STB/PS): 9.5 m / 10.6 m
Equivalent spudcan diameter: 22 m
Rated drilling depth: 9,140 m
Hook load static w/top drive: 909 t
Rotary load: 1000 t
Setback load: 818 t
Variable load: 10,000 t
Derrick: 64 m x 14 m x 16 m
Jacking speed: 0.5 m/min

Accommodation is located in two blocks shaped as a “V”, wrapped around the forward leg. Port block is a quiet area with cabins - starboard block holds all offices, recreation rooms and service facilities. 120 people in two-man rooms with full facilities. 14 offices. Three recreation rooms.

Production facilities were installed in 2006 with throughput of 56,000 bopd and 53 million scf/d of natural gas. The Production facilities contains a pressurized Power Generator sub-module which supplies the additional power requirements for production.


Source: Maersk Drilling   16.11.2017
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