SALT SHIP DESIGN: EDDA FREYA – SALT 304 – launched at Kleven

Offshore Fleet NewsEDDA FREYA – SALT 304- was launched from Kleven Verft in Norway 15 August 2015. The 150 m long subsea construction vessel for Østensjø will be delivered in February 2016, and has a long term contract with Deep Ocean upon delivery.

The new SALT 304 vessel has been designed in close cooperation between Salt Ship Design, Østensjø Rederi and DeepOcean.

The new construction vessel has a width of 27 meters and 2300 square meters of total deck space.

The vessel is specially designed to suit the Greater North Sea market and is equipped with a 150 tons dual tensioner vertical lay system located in the moon pool, a 3000 tons carousel below deck and a 400 tons active heave compensated (AHC) knuckle boom main crane that can lift 600 tons in double fall mode.

Total accommodation capacity of the vessel is 140 persons.



Source: SALT SHIP DESIGN   28.08.2015
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