Remontowa converts AHTS into Drillship

Offshore Fleet NewsThe 83 m long, multipurpose offshore support vessel (OSV) / AHTS Normand Draupne, has arrived at Remontowa still in its old livery of one of the leading Norwegian offshore support fleet operators - Solstad Offshore (on the picture below). The ship had plied the Norwegian flag, until quite recently, with picturesque Skudeneshavn as its homeport (at the same time - the Owners' headquarters location).
Now the ship is operated by Belgian Owners G-tec SA, which specializes in providing geotechnical engineering services, as well as marine geophysical surveys and marine environmental surveys. In particular, the company's services are targeted to customers active in dredging, offshore renewable energy, ports & coastal development, infrastructure & civil engineering, pipelines & cables, and mining & quarries.

Normand Draupne arrived at Remontowa SA in March, 2015. The ship represents the Ulstein's UT 718 design. The AHTS is not young (built in 1985 in Ulstein Hatlo yard, Ulsteinvik), but well maintained and well worth investment in upgrade, to serve its owners well and perform even most difficult tasks for many years to come.

Extensive range of works has been ordered at Remontowa. These include repair job and conversion resulting in upgrading and widening the ship's capabilities. The upgrade mainly meant installation of new crucial equipment on deck.

After completion of works at Remontowa, the ship has become a drill ship. Not a typical oil and gas exploration drill ship though, but a geological survey and coring / sampling one.
Current Belgian owners expect employing the ship mainly in offshore wind sector.  As such, the ship was first presented during EWEA Offshore event held in Copenhagen in March 2015. Among the tasks entrusted to the ship will be the surveying and preparing the seabed for installations of offshore wind farms.

After the conversion and upgrade the Multi-Purpose Drilling Vessel is capable of performing the following tasks and works:

  • offshore geotechnical site investigation works
  • offshore drilling works
  • ROV inspection works
  • UXO (unexploded ordnance) clearance works
  • offshore support
  • anchor handling and towage
  • grouting supply
At Remontowa, all the structures have been put in place enabling to install, in Belgium, the G-tec Offshore ’s drill rig GT 30, specially designed to work safely in challenging environmental offshore conditions in high tidal waters (up to 13m tide). The rig is built on a mezzanine deck, allowing storage of both SBF and SB CPT below the drill floor. A dedicated launching mechanism offers a quick, smooth and safe switch between drilling mode and seabed CPT mode through the large moonpool, that was installed at Remontowa.

The GT 30 rig is fitted with a complete sampling and testing package.

Ex Normand Draupne, now Omalius, during its stay at Remontowa, received, besides structures enabling to install the mentioned mezzazine deck and a drilling derrick, also the moonpool (prefabricated on shore and installed in one piece into a "well" cut off from the hull). One of the two large AHTS winches has been dismantled as well.

The employees of Remontowa SA, supported by teams of Famos (also member of Remontowa Holding) and PBUCh  have refurbished and upgraded accommodation spaces onboard Omalius (refurbishing and outfitting of cabins on main deck, modernization of the HVAC system). 

In Gdansk, the G-tec's drilling vessel received also new sanitary and sewage water system, electrical system and had its main engine repaired (including overhaul of shaft lines, propellers, fore and aft thrusters, maintenance of tanks and chain lockers), as well as the hull maintenance performed in addition to some steelwork (such as repairing indents on bulwark, replacement of over 100 sacrificial anodes, repairs to the deck crane, etc.). Bio-block has been also installed.


Source: REMONTOWA SHIPYARDS   16.08.2015
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