Turkey issues permit on surveys for Turkish Stream

Turkey has issued a permit on engineering surveys for the offshore section of Turkish Stream.

The document stipulates that investigations will be carried out within the exclusive economic zone and territorial waters of Turkey in order to place the first offshore string of the gas pipeline. 

The offshore section of Turkish Stream will consist of four strings, each with a throughput capacity of 15.75 billion cubic meters.

The gas pipeline will stretch for 660 kilometers within the existing corridor of South Stream and for 250 kilometers within a new corridor towards the European part of Turkey. Natural gas from the first gas pipeline string is expected to meet the growing demands of the Turkish market only.

The Turkish party has also confirmed that the EIA findings obtained for the Turkish offshore segment of the South Stream gas pipeline may be used for the construction of a new gas trunkline.


On December 1, 2014 Gazprom and Turkish company Botas signed the Memorandum of Understanding on constructing the Turkish Stream gas pipeline with an annual capacity of 63 billion cubic meters from Russia towards Turkey across the Black Sea.

Source: GAZPROM   23.06.2015
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