COSCO: Successful Completion of Ultra-Deep Water Drillship

Offshore Fleet NewsThe construction of China's first ultra-deepwater drillship, "Dalian Developer" has been completed by COSCO Dalian Shipyard. The rig has completed all trials & testing, is DNV Classed and ready for drilling operations.

The new Owner, Dalian Developer Drilling Co. Ltd., is currently in discussion with relevant oil companies to negotiate lease.







Classification: Agency DNV 1A1 Ship Shaped Drilling Unit DRILL (N), DYNPOS-AUTRO, DP Class 3
Design: MPF 1000 6th Generation Ultra Deepwater Drillship for Worldwide Harsh Environment
Dimensions: 955.5’ x 164’ x 88.6‘
Moonpool: Drilling 97.7’ x 32.1 ft
Openings: Production 49.2 ft Ø
Water Depth: 10,000 ft
Max. Drilling Depth: 35,000 ft
Variable Deck Load Operating: 25,000 mt
Survival: 25,000 mt
Transit: 25,000 mt
Combined Draft: 50 ft
Operating Draft: 42.65 ft
Transit Draft: 37.73 ft
Max. Wave Height Normal Drilling: 16.4 ft, Max Operating & Transit: 27.9 ft
Helideck Capacity: Sikorsky S-92, S-61N, AS332L2, EC-225 and EH-101 or equivalents


Source: COSCO   25.08.2015
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