VOS Partner launching

On Monday 9 February the launching of VOS Partner took place at COSCO Guangdong Shipyard in China. VOS Partner is the third of six PX121-type PSVs being constructed at COSCO Guangdong Shipyard for Vroon and featuring the Ulstein-patented X-BOWР ’® design to provide smoother vessel movements in harsher conditions.



In addition, these ships comply with ABS class requirements for dynamic-positioning system Class II (DPS-2) and reduced noise and vibration to satisfy HAB(WB). In combination with the X-BOWР ’®, these measures guarantee benefits to the charterer in operation and fuel efficiency, as well as higher safety and comfort standards for the crew. With a length of 83.4 metres and a beam of 18 metres, these vessels provide 850 m2Р ’ deck space and a load capacity of 4,200 tonnes (dwt).

In an interesting coincidence, the VOS Partner has the honour of being the 100thР ’ Ulstein-design vessel.

The six PX121s destined for Vroon will be delivered during 2015/2016 and will operate in European waters under the management of Vroon Offshore Services Den Helder.

Source: vroon.nl   12.02.2015
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